Technical Productions Inc.

a design and production group for the
touring, meeting and event industry

our mission

TPI is a full service design group specializing in event production, equipment sales and installation.  Founded in 1989 by Michael O’Keefe, he began with the simple idea that “I know I can do this better!” doing small, equipment rentals out of a self-storage unit in St. Louis.  Decades later, we’ve grown to a full-time staff of more than 20 designers and technicians that occupy a 20,000 square foot facility filled with lighting, audio, video and support equipment. Our clients range from corporations and churches to schools and theaters to concert tours and music festivals. The size of our events ranges from 10-person, intimate meetings all the way to music festivals with 300,000 in the crowd.

A growing client list with an increased offering of services has forced us to move three times in our company history but our original mission has always remained the same. We are still committed to the most effective way to serve our clients with top-notch production value, cutting edge equipment and competitive pricing. Our team is always pushing the envelope on new technology and design to make sure we can offer our clients the best possible solutions for their budget. And our freelance outreach team allows us to literally offer the idea that if you can imagine it, we can manage and produce it. There is no job too small or too large for us at TPI. It is simply our mission to take care of people and to do the job right.

Some of our event clients are full-service companies where our offerings live completely underneath their umbrella. We add value to their brand by increasing their capabilities and their profit margin because we own our equipment and our staff members can carry the jobs through to completion. Others are the end clients, who use TPI as a right-hand production partner for shows of all sizes. Some hire us for our design skills or management expertise only, and others for design and permanent equipment installation with service technicians on staff to back those sales up.  Our team can be as prominent or as transparent as you want us to be.

Whatever your needs, we are your one stop production and design group.

Michael O'Keefe President and CEO of  TPI
michael o'keefe
president and ceo
“Perfect execution of the live and stressful event is an art from a learned behavior. It is a team who can look at each other intuitively, anticipate the next move and execute without a word. At tpi, we have assembled such a team. The difference is extraordinary. I invite you to look around to experience it firsthand. 

Enjoy the ride, I always do.”